window window lets cut out that wall and have a nice view 37321808 wow that looks nice now lets replace it with something nice 37321809 now thats a view 37321810 was a big hole we framed it in for a door and window 39839801 lookin better 39839802 apply some nice wood trim around the edges fill in the holes 39839804 paint the trim 39839803 clean the glass 39839805 beatiful and works great 39839807 here we trimmed the fin around the window to look custom fitted inside the wood and seal it with silicone 39839808 a further look 39839809 sliding glass door trimmed out with molding around it 39839810 windows trimmed out with molding around them to give a fancy look 39839811 closer look 39839812 2 HUGE WINDOWS needed scaffolding 40186463 cuting out stucco for new construction 44583500 44583501 44583502 44583504 44583505 one of three trailers we use 44583506 another truck and trailer of ours 50380749 44583507 cut back tile in bathroom for new construction 44583508 44583509 paper behind and on top of the windows 44583510 removing siding t1 11 around the house preping it for stucco 44583512 clean cut fits perfect 44583511 more demo 44583513 drywall 44583516 44583514 framing in windows to fill in window hole 44583515 44583517 another fill in 44583518 was an 8ft sliding glass door 48039425 placing a 4x4 post to seperate a window and door 48039426 wraping post with white vinyl 48039427 installed a double hung window on left and french swing door on right 48039428 french swing door has internal blinds in between the 2 pains of glass 48039429 exterior wood trim around the outside 48039430 48039431 garden window 50380750 garden window view 50380751 50380753 50380754 french swing doors with blinds between the dual pained glass, these are nice 53472956 an entry door we were about to install 53472957 the side of a garage cement block cut in for a door 53472958 changing the whole front of the house, before cut ins, build ins move electrical everything 53472959 same house as the pic above 53472960 inside look 53472961 53472962 all framed in, no more front door HUGE difference in the house 53472963 took 2 days 53472964 huge garden window pieced together before 56362047 56362048 56362049 and after 56362050 this came out really nice 56362051 front door before 56362052 front door after 56362053 sky lights before 56362054 one old and one new 56362055 sky lights after 56362056 huge three story house in la jolla all crank out windows 56362057 french swing doors with blinds in between the dual pained glass 65750408 65750409 65750410 65750411 65750412 speechless 65750413 65750414 65750418 65750419 on the navy base doing work for the government 106708970 before 106708971 after 106708972 before 106708973 after 106708974 before 106708975 after 106708976 garden window 106715134 12 ft 3 panel door 106715135 before 106715136 after 106715137 106715138 bow window with crankouts 106715139 inside of octagon window with glue chip obscured glass 108279477 outside of octagon window with glue chip obscured glass 108279478 replaced the big window on the lower right it used to be a sliding glass door but now is a stacked window 113614221 113614222 113614223 113614224 arch windows 115770710 128907300 new entry door and windows 128907301 8 ft tall french swing door 128907302 128907303 128907304 128907305 we cut this window in, moved electrical and repaired drywall 128907306 before we cut in the sliding glass door 128907307 after the cut in and replaced header 128907308 inside look after cut in 128907309 milgard french swing door with side lights 128907310 before sliding closet doors 134097442 after sliding closet doors 134097443 large sliding mirror closet doors 134097444 136612331 136612332 136612333 140158191 140158192 140158193 140158194 140158195 140158196 140158197 140158198 replaced old rotted wood trim around window 140158199 140158200 mobile home 142430612 tinted glass in the front of the house on mobile home 142430613 142430614 before, arch window with grids 144026384 after, arch wiindow with grids 144026385 144026386 big construction site for new apartments off mira mesa blvd on the I 15, thousands of doors and windows 165368402 before the cut in, inside view 168699733 after the cut in, inside view 168699734 before the cut in, outside view 168699735 after the cut in, outside view, no stucco damage 168699736 product we carry aluminum frameless bi-pass beveled mirror doors 178284768 product we carry steel framed frameless bi-fold beveled mirror doors 178284769 product we carry aluminum narrow stile profile bi-pass mirror doors, many other color and style options 178284770 product we carry steel framed frameless bi-fold mirrored door, can also get without mirrors and other options 178284771 product we carry painted steel bi-pass oak or vinyl board 178284773 product we carry painted steel frameless bi-pass mirror doors 178284774 product we carry a few color options for skylights 178284772 product we carry pyramid skylight 178284775 product we 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